Car-sharing solution for corporate fleets

Limitless Mobility for your Employees

An innovative "All-Inclusive" mobility service for businesses

With our car-sharing solutions for corporate fleet:

Assess the usage of your vehicles

Optimize the efficiency of your company's vehicles through detailed analyses of their usage

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Reduce superfluous expenses by identifying areas where you can save in your vehicle fleet

Decarbonize Your Vehicle Fleet

Modernize your vehicle fleet for more efficient and sustainable mobility

Openfleet Corporate Fleet Mobility Solution - Available Modules

Discover the modules of our technology for corporate mobility

Vehicle Management


Service Alerts

Remotely controlled actions

User management



Users list

Reservation management




Vehicle access



Mobility budget management

Evaluation of trips cost

Internet Billing

Mobility Credit

Private usages

Statistics management

Demand Analysis

Usage Reports



The Benefits of Our Car-sharing Corporate Mobility Solution

Explore All the Benefits of Our Corporate Mobility Technology Solution

Vehicle loan automation, 24/7 Access

Opportunity to monetize and decarbonize your fleet (thanks to private usages)

Compliance with New Regulatory Requirements (ex: Driver Identification)

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