Car-sharing technology: how does it work?

What does Openfleet car-sharing technology include?

Professional car-sharing is based on car-sharing technology. It is a shared mobility solution for businesses, organizations, and public entities that helps reduce costs and environmental impact by optimizing vehicle utilization. Openfleet car-sharing technology includes the following elements for fleet management optimization:

It allows for the verification of the driver's identity, grants access to the vehicle, and calculates vehicle usage data (duration and mileage).

It is used to securely store keys inside the vehicle

It is optional. It enables users to access the vehicle using their personal badge. Access to the vehicle can also be achieved with a smartphone.

Openfleet cutting-edge car-sharing technology

Thanks to this combination of advanced car-sharing technologies, we ensure a convenient, secure, and seamless shared mobility experience for drivers and fleet managers

Digitization of the vehicle key

Streamlined vehicle access without a physical key, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Vehicle security

Advanced technologies ensuring the protection of shared vehicles.

Driver authentication

Thorough verification of drivers' identities to ensure the safety and reliability of the service.

Our car-sharing management platform will enable you to:

Manage your drivers community

You can manage your user community by importing their data in bulk or registering them individually. Registration tracking is done in real-time, and profile validation is required before accessing the driver platform. You can organize your users into groups or subgroups with different access and rights.

Manage your fleet

You can set up the availability schedule for each vehicle, plan upcoming interventions and maintenance. Additionally, you can activate customized alerts and notifications, anticipate maintenance breaks between rentals, and more.

Take intelligent, data-based decisions

With our real-time data reports and statistical module, fleet management becomes easier. You can better scale your vehicle fleet based on information about usage rates, and you’ll have precise tracking of the status of each car.

Carpooling option

By activating this option, you encourage your collaborators to share rides and travel together in the same vehicle. This further reduces your carbon footprint and fleet costs.

Private Use Option

This option allows you to make your cars available to your teams for private use, whether paid or free, within the time slots of your choice.

The user journey on our car-sharing technology platform

Your users have access to a car-sharing web portal or a mobile application to:

  • Search for and reserve a vehicle
  • Open the vehicle without a physical key
  • Conduct a pre-rental and post-rental inspection

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