Leading Car-sharing Solutions for Mobiliity and Fleet Management

We enable businesses and public entities to streamline their fleet management, simplify the lives of their employees, and optimize the usage of their vehicle fleet. We handle it all!

These are the brands that trust Openfleet and our carsharing solution for fleet management

Simplify fleet management

Discover our mobility solutions

Our solution simplifies the management of your fleet and streamlines vehicle operations and usage through real-time reporting tools. On-board telematics, digital management platform, mobile applications... Equipping a fleet with a carsharing service has never been easier.

Car-sharing solution for corporate fleets

Access to a fully customizable management and user platform

Lock and unlock vehicle doors through the mobile app or a digital company card

Your fleet available 24/7

With Openfleet, reduce your fleet budget by 26%

Gain a better understanding and analysis of your fleet's usage

Discover how our car-sharing solution is revolutionizing corporate mobility, optimizing resources while reducing costs.

Car-sharing solution for Public Administrations

Rethinking mobility and vehicle usage with a decarbonization goal to comply with regulations

Better understanding of usage patterns to readjust the fleet and vehicle offer

Eliminate the logistical constraint associated with vehicle-key management

Our car-sharing solution for public administrations can help manage mobility more efficiently, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Car-sharing solution for mobility service providers

24/7 self-service access to Vehicles

Maximize your fleet's usage rate

Gain access to comprehensive and automated user management through our customizable management platform

Our car-sharing solution meets the unique needs of mobility service providers when it comes to fleet management and self-service rentals, offering a flexible approach to vehicle usage and travel.

How does our car-sharing solution work?

Now that you know what we do, come and discover how our car-sharing solution works for fleet management

Discover our platform for fleet managers:

Connected: Data-driven governance enables modern fleet management through a comprehensive management interface. 

Customizable: Support before, during, and after your deployment. 

Flexible: Integrate your own platforms, mobile apps, and databases. APIs, we love them.

Discover the user journey

Everything is accessible in the fleet management mobile app: my reservations, invoices, tutorials, vehicle health check, offers, vehicle access control. The customer journey is centralized.

Why choose Openfleet?

Here are the main reasons why we are your car-sharing technology partner for fleet management!





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