Openfleet - Our Team and Our Vision

Innovating to create the mobility of tomorrow is the ambition of our team. With our car-sharing solution, dedicated software and fleet management expertise, we aspire to address current and future mobility challenges.

What is our Vision?

We are committed to provide state-of-the-art technology that will transform fleet management. Our car-sharing system, supported by our car-sharing software is an innovative mobility solution tailored to all types of fleets. Let’s rethink mobility and make it greener, more economic and more efficient together!.

 Transforming societal mobility patterns

We help our customers adopt new approaches for more sustainable mobility, better adapted to the needs of our society

 Simplifying and revolutionizing fleet management

Simplify fleet monitoring

  Innovation, profit and environment in perfect synergy

Discover how to combine technological innovations, economic benefits and decarbonization for forward-thinking fleet management

Openfleet awards and recognitions