Fleet Management & Self-Service Car Rental

Car-Sharing Solutions for Mobility Service Providers

Our car-sharing solution is well adapted to enhance fleet management for mobility service providers.


your rental system 100%, no need for a counter or agent


Access to your vechicles


Your fleet utilization rate


your customer offer with car-sharing

These customers trust Openfleet and our fleet management solution

Optimize Fleet Management with Car sharing

Explore the benefits of our car sharing solution for enhanced fleet management. Designed to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, it's an indispensable ally for businesses wishing to optimize their fleet.

 24/7 Access to Your Vehicles

Offer around-the-clock access to your fleet of vehicles. Our solution ensures continuous availability of your vehicles, allowing you to meet your customers' needs at any time, day or night.

 Available for Loan and Courtesy Cars

Whether it's a rental or courtesy vehicle, our management system is perfectly adapted. It offers simplified management, ensuring a smooth transition for your customers and efficient vehicle rotation.

 Compatible with Any Vehicle Type

Our solution is universal and seamlessly integrates with various vehicle models and brands. This extensive compatibility ensures smooth fleet management, whether you have electric, hybrid, or conventional vehicles.

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