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How much economies can you make.

OpenFleet offers a comprehensive solution to manage and share your fleet online. We help you define your technology needs through a questionnaire, whether you are an OEM, a private or public fleet or a mobility operator. That way we will be certain to deploy a mobility cloud that will meet your expectations.

Carpooling defines the common use of a vehicle with other passengers whereas carsharing consists of allowing users to access and drive a pool of vehicles.

The installation of OpenFleet Boxes is aimed to connect all your vehicles together. They will be directly available for rental online and their online agenda will be accessible through your Manager Account.

OpenFleet’s automotive know-how allows universal installation of the technology, no matter your vehicle make, model or type (hybrid, electric, etc.).

By using OpenFleet’s techology, your drivers access your vehicles through their personal RFID badge or through our virtual SmartKey available on our mobile app.

Thanks to OpenFleet onboard telematics, you have the opportunity to rent your vehicles at any time, 24/7, no matter your business or organisation’s opening hours.

OpenFleet allows to give an access to different communities of individual users. By offering your vehicles to new groups of drivers, you quickly get an additional revenue.

We offer specific, custom-designed project management/consulting service for all our partners. From initial platform setup to day-to-day follow-up and statistics analysis, our team assists you in the evolution of your mobility project every step of the way.

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