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OpenFleet Mobility Lab

As a leading Operating System within the area of new transportation models, OpenFleet Mobility Lab is working on technologies aiming at including autonomous vehicle architecture on our online platforms. Indeed, OpenFleet Tech Team is currently taking part in several workshops and R&D programs with several world-scale OEMs dealing with autonomous vehicle integration.

Our goal

Optimize your service operation through

Vehicle auto dispatch to optimize vehicle daily shifts/commutes

Dynamic pricing and demand response to update your service based on foreseen or unforeseen weather/events/conditions

High-status alert monitoring for your operations (State of Charge for Electric Vehicles or fuel level reporting)

Autonomous vehicle integrity safety (antitheft notifications, software intrusion, etc)

Metadata analysis based on vehicle utilization and track record/reports (based on graphics, statistics, vehicle scoring, heatmaps, spreadsheets and recommendations), depending on your deployment strategy

Third-part autonomous networks integration through APIs and webservices

Because the 3rd Industrial Revolution is coming through, OpenFleet will support your project team with your autonomous vehicle network deployment strategy.

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