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Alexandre Bol, OpenFleet and Koolicar: “Taking car-sharing…

“Alexandre Bol believes that the car of tomorrow will already be fitted with a car-sharing box unit when it leaves the factory. So, it is not a question of wether car-sharing…”

European P2P Carsharing Market

“Through our OpenFleet brand, we can now address not only the P2P carsharing market, baut the more global worldwide carsharing and fleet managment markets.”

OpenFleet becomes a CSA Affiliate

“We believe in the social benefit of carsharing and the sustainable approach its brings to urban, suburban and rural areas. By allowing a new, flexible mobility solution to users…”

From managing to optimizing: “Collaborative” Technologies…

“By making company cars available, not only for professional use but also for personal use on a 24/7 basis, companies are building new mobility services that make life more flexible…”