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With OpenFleet, discover a technology and service package designed to facilitate both carsharing and your daily fleet management. We offer solutions to make your vehicles smarter, more efficient and more profitable!

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How does OpenFleet work?


Your vehicles are not being used on your parking lot and are constantly losing residual value... Think OpenFleet !

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Our team installs the OpenFleetBox in your cars: they are now connected to the cloud and available online.

Connected cars with OpenFleet

You configure your fleet based on your preferences: free access or on demand, one-way or return commutes, on or off stations

Configure carsharing trips

You launch your carsharing service and select your users. Users drive your vehicles and raise your fleet utilization rate.

Select carsharing community

You can manage your carsharing service online and decrease your fleet TCO (“Total Cost of Ownership”)

Decrease fleet TCO

You have optimized your fleet utilization! Your cars are now smarter and more efficient, limiting your fleet costs.

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The OpenFleet Difference

We will assist you during the full process of your “fleet-sharing” project, from analysis to inception, deployment and advertising towards your drivers’ community.

We develop in-house all technologies and services related to carsharing, from analysis to inception, deployment and advertising toward your users' vocations and communities.

Onboard technology

You can enjoy an economical technology to manage door unlocking, safety and vehicle access.

Other services and features such as geo-tracking and eco-driving modules are also available and customizable to your needs. OpenFleet onboard technology complies with European and North American automotive standards.

Web & Mobile Booking Platform

Our team develops a comprehensive online booking platform. This platform offers you in just one click the ability to manage and book your fleet.


Our team of installers will directly deploy at your premises to supply your vehicle with OpenFleet technology, no matter your type of vehicles (compact cars, pickup trucks, vans, gas-powered/hybrid/electric vehicles, etc.) and your location.

Community Management

We offer our own advertising and marketing services on your networks in order to increase your user audience and community. You thus benefit from our carsharing market expertise.

Service Management

We can operate your carsharing service (user subscription, payment management, etc.) under our name or under your own brand (white labeling service).


We offer fully-packaged insurance coverage, specifically designed for carsharing and fleet management practices.

Service Hotline

We offer a 24/7 service hotline to ensure the highest quality level of technical and roadside assistance for your carsharing operation.


We design from scratch a full set of new technical breakthroughs and custom-designed features: onboard telematics, installation, telecommunication, web and user interface/experience. Our patented platform leverages the most recent technologies and complies with the highest quality standards.

Simple & Flexible Design

OpenFleet allows you to manage in one click and in real time your fleet of vehicles.

You can remove or add new shared vehicles, and raise your service coverage whenever you need it.

Easy to Use
No need to manage your car keys anymore or have your fleet staff manage dispatch functions. Keys are now replaced by a single RFID card or by a smartphone. Opening your vehicle has never been so easy
You benefit from a full set of solutions, such as onboard technology & equipment, online management portal & many other services: user subscription, service operation, billing, all available with your own branding.
Compatible with any vehicle
OpenFleet works with any light-duty vehicle equipped with a central locking system, whether it’s a new or used vehicle, gas-powered or electric, compact or light-duty vehicle. You also have the opportunity to open your service to existing or new public carsharing networks in order to increase your average monthly user base.
We cover any of your carsharing usage situations: community, corporate or government/public, service operator, rental company, garage owner, car dealer, association, ...
Unlocking vehicle door with RFID card

A comprehensive and user-friendly carsharing system is key to a greater service adoption rate within your community.

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